The Group Storyteller Project

Your group writing project for this course is to compose, revise, and present a multimodal story. This is an essay meant to be read online and that makes strong use of the affordances of the web. You will publish the final version of this story to become a live website and present it during the times scheduled in the syllabus to your peers. Because Wix does not afford the capability to have multiple users simultaneously collaborate on a single project, you may also use Google Sites, which allows this with ease.

Unlike the Multimodal Essay, which is a work of factual research or otherwise a transformation of an academic essay, this will be a creative project that can employ narrative, poetry/flash poetry, fiction, nonfiction, fan-fiction, screenplay, short story, etc.  In a group of your peers, you will collaborate and compose this piece using an equal share of each group-mate’s ideas and efforts.  Like the Multimodal Essay, I would like you to combine at least two, if not more modes of expression, and compose your piece in which you do something that you could not do or do as well if you were limited to printing out your work on paper.

Beyond that, there are few limits to this assignment—other than to say that your work should be substantive, researched, imaginative, and carefully composed, designed, and edited.

You should be in connection with your group-mates often in regards to this project.  While we will employ ample class time for group work, you should also plan to meet outside of class wither online/offline when needed to collaborate to full effect.


Feb 12: First Planning Day.

Feb. 16: Proposals Due.

Mar. 8: Rough Drafts Due for Peer/Instructor Feedback via informal presentation.

Mar. 18, April 8: Progress Check Up

April 26: Final Story Due: live, clickable link sent to

April 26 & 28: Formal Presentations of Group Storyteller Project.