NOTE: This calendar, readings and assignments MAY change as the semester goes on.  Information on these changes will be posted to the class site.

Last day to withdraw:  March 15th, 2015

Last day to declare Pass/Fail option (if applicable): February 9th, 2015

See  for other important dates.


Week 1: Introductions Jan.19: Class Introductions – Syllabus Overview

Assignment:  Create Twitter Account, WordPress Account.  Links should be sent to by next class.

Jan. 22: What is Cyberspace? Discussion. Share/Subscribe to course and classmate’s blogs. Assignment:  1st blog post due Jan. 25 (and every Monday after, until end of semester).

Week 2: Beginning the Multimodal Essay. Jan. 26: Topic development activity for Multimodal Essay.  

Jan. 29: Discussion:  Origins of social networking and blogging. Comments for peer blogs due today (and every Friday until end of semester).

Week 3: Online Identities and Us Feb. 2:  Discussion/Activity:  Online identities and practices.

Feb.  5: Multimodal Essay – Research and Writing.  Workshop Day.

Week 4: Beginning the Storyteller Group Project Feb. 9: Group Project Assignments and Discussion.

Feb. 12: Planning Day for Group Projects. Proposals Due next class.

Week 5: Introduction to Designing Websites Feb. 16: Group Project Proposal Due. Open Workshop

Feb. 19: Design and Multimodal Composition- Wix Tutorial

Week 6:  Designing for a Digital Audience Feb. 23: Wix Tutorials Continued.  Discussions on Digital Audience.

Feb. 26: Wix Tutorials Continued.  Workshop Day.  

Week 7: Workshop Week: Multimodal Essay Written drafts of Essay content due this week for peer workshop.

Mar. 1: Multimodal Essay Workshop Week.

Mar. 4: Multimodal Essay Workshop Week.

Week 8: Spring Break. Mar. 8:SPRING BREAK.  NO CLASSES.


Week 9:  More on Design Mar. 15:  Discussion on working with Images, Symbols, Clipart.

Mar. 18: Workshop Day:  Progress Check Up on Essay/Group Projects.

Week 10: Including Sound and Video Mar. 22: Lecture/activity on including music and video. Written final drafts of Essay due.  Share to


Week 11: Arranging Elements with Words Mar. 29: Website analysis activity, discussion on arranging words and images.

Apr. 1: Open workshop for Essay/Group Project meetings.

Week 12: More on Website Analysis – Making it User Friendly Apr. 5: Review guidelines and instructions for oral Presentations

Apr. 8: Informal “presentations” on current work:  How are you doing so far?  What feedback do you need?

Week 13:Website Workshop Week. Apr. 12:Website Workshop Week for Solo AND Group Projects

Apr. 15:Website Workshop Week for Solo AND Group Projects

Week 14: Multimodal Essay Presentations Multimodal Essay Due. Live, clickable link to

Apr. 19: Presentations on Multimodal Essay

Apr. 22: Presentations on Multimodal Essay

Week 15:Group Project Presentation Week Group Project Due. Live, clickable link to

Apr. 26:Presentations on Group Projects.

Apr. 29:Presentations on Group Projects. (continued).  

Week 16: Final Portfolios  and Reflections May 3: Review instructions for Final Portfolio and Reflection Essay

May 6: Workshop for Final Portfolio and Reflection Essay.

Week 17:

Final Week.  Conclusions

May 10: No classes due to Monday exam week schedule.  

May 13:Conferences and wrap up.  Final workshop.  Portfolios due by midnight. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.