Micro-Blogging: Our 10th Google Doc Journal

Let’s Make a Thing: Journal #10:


Even though Twitter is specifically for “bites” of content, users can create linked tweets called “threads” to express longer trains of thought.

For this journal exercise, either create a Twitter account for class purposes, or use an existing account that you feel comfortable using for this assignment.

Write a 10-Tweet (roughly 500 words) minimum Twitter thread OR ten seperate Tweets of your choosing using the following methods:

  • Tell a story about something that happened to you (non-fiction).
  • Make a micro-fiction.
  • Take an old essay assignment you wrote for school and “crunch it down” into no more than 10 Tweets.
  • Write a persuasive argument for a current issue (using links/media to cite sources if applicable).


You may use any visual media you like that Twitter supports–images, memes, gifs, video to accompany your thread.  

Research and use relevant hashtags within your posts to promote your thread.

Screenshot the thread and post the screenshot to your Google-Doc journal with a brief paragraph reflecting on the experience.  What made it different than simply writing a blog post?  Did any other users interact (liking/retweeting) with it?



Welcome to Writing in Cyberspace!


Welcome to Writing for Cyberspace!


I’m your professor, Nikki Dreste.  Whether you are taking section 02 or section 03 of ENG3080, you will use this same site as a resource hub for your syllabi, calendar, digital resources for your projects, and other class necessities. As such, please be sure to subscribe to this blog for the duration of the semester.  Section-specific announcements, such as class cancellations and room changes, will always be communicated via your Kean email.

This is syllabus week–today, we will be going over the course syllabus, introducing ourselves and discussing any questions you might have about what we will be doing in the class.

See you in class!