The Reflective Portfolio

Good morning, everyone!

Congratulations, everyone, on your presentations the past two weeks.  You all did an amazing job and should be proud of yourselves.

So without further ado, I present to you the final assignment in this course–the Reflection Essay.


What is it?

When all is said and done, your education is about you: the things you research, the thoughts you express, and what pursuits you take value in are all contributive to your own learning experience that cannot be compared with any other.  An integral part of learning to write, and in learning to write in cyberspace, is to learn by writing, coding, composing, and making.  It is also important to write about that writing–explore your process, your effort, and your approach to the craft.  

This reflective essay is an opportunity for you to explore you as a digital writer–in particular, yourself within the context of this course.  This essay should demonstrate and reflect upon your work in online writing as a process, rather than entirely for a product.


A thorough reflection may include:

  • A description of your online writing habits and processes.
  • How have these habits changed or developed?
  • Your effort on drafting, developing and revising your content.
  • Write about your process through each major project–the Multimodal Essay, the Storyteller project, and the Blog.
  • Which techniques were helpful, and which were not helpful to your writing process?
  • How has your digital writing in this course differ from your past traditional writing/writing process?  What can you do now that you could not do or did not know how to do before?
  • What was new or challenging for you?  
  • How might you incorporate what you learned in this course into your personal or professional life moving onward?


How long should it be?

  • Your reflective essay should be at least 2 pages long (no maximum). Please share through Google Docs. 
  • Feel free to include any multimodal components that you wish.
  • Please include the links to all projects (Multimodal Essay, Storyteller Project, and Blog) worked on this semester in the document, either by inserting them at the top or hyperlinking text in your essay.  This will count as a final “portfolio” of all of your work in one place.



5/3, 5/6: Workshop Days.

5/10: No class due to Monday exam schedule.

Due Date: May 13th.