3.29: On Effective Design


Today we took a look at some examples of effectively (and some ineffectively) designed websites, and what made them so.  Here is a list of components that we generated that make up an effectively designed site:

  • Clear, organized design
  • Color scheme (visually friendly, as well as representative of content)
  • Clear Navigation
  • Active, updated content
  • Social Integration
  • Easy to remember URL
  • Memorable branding
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Functionality (live, clickable links to updated content
  • Stock Images and Original Content

On Friday, we’ll have open workshop.

See you then!


Author: Nikki Dreste

Nikki Dreste lives in central New Jersey and holds a master of arts degree in English Writing Studies. Her passions lie in fiction writing, gaming, textual roleplaying, and creative expression through new media. She is currently working on a fantasy series based on dreams about star-stuff and the universe.

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