Bonus Post: On Group Projects and Platforms


This just in!

Jessica pointed out a great website platform that Group 3 will be using for their Murder Mystery project called Weebly.

Weebly is a platform that is similar to Wix with the added benefit of collaborative editing!  This might be an optimal choice for your projects.

Over the weekend, take a look at the platform and discuss this with your group mates–I will research the site over the weekend and give a short tutorial on Tuesday.

Thanks Jessica! ūüôā


2/19: More on Blogging!

Good morning everyone!

Today, we took a small step backward to talk more about blogging in relation to personal narrative. ¬†We watched Mena Trott’s “How Blogs Are Building a Friendlier World”:

Mena’s anecdotes showed both the social benefits as well as the more problematic challenges of blogging about our personal selves to a vast digital audience. ¬†In response to her Banjo post, she had been surprised and dismayed to find that readers rose to her defense in a negative attitude toward her husband. ¬†“Those who knew me would get the joke,” she said; however, people who did not know her personally did not understand the context of her post and misconstrued it.

However, her story about Candygirl, a blogger who wrote during the last few months of her struggle with cancer, and the story of Baby Odin, whose recovery was documented day by day, show a different side to blogs that is much less “scary”–in that regardless of the audience, the act of blogging and connecting with others in cyberspace offered them the opportunity for a kind of emotional healing, and made them available to be supported.

So while it is important to be responsible with what information you share online, it is also crucial to remember that what you write is significant in that can reflect the humanity of both the writer and the reader.

Have a great weekend!



2/16: Open Workshop

Good morning!

Today we established our groups for the Storyteller Project:

Group 1: Megan, Kayla, Jackie

Group 2: Nadia, Jon, Arianna

Group 3: Will, Jen, Jessica, Karel

Group 4: Christina, Mutasim, Angie

Just to be clear, this is a collaborative creative writing project–which means that the writing will be created by you and your team mates (unlike the solo project, which is more of a transformed research/academic paper).

Just some thoughts/ideas/prompts that might get you thinking (this is not a full list–the possibilities are endless):


-In which each group mate writes a chapter of the same story.

-In which each group mate writes for a character/s in the same story.

Creative Non-fiction:

-A group autobiography of a single day, week, year (where were each of you on MM/DD/YY?)

-A collection of short nonfiction stories surrounding a specific chosen theme


-A digital poetry “book” where the poems compare/contrast each other (inspired by Group

-An epic poem using text, images, video, sounds?


-A TV show script/video (also inspired by Group 1)

Again, this is not the end-all be-all of what you can do–and please feel free to leave more ideas in the comments!

For Friday, be ready to share and send me your proposals for this project.


2/9: Introducing the Group Storyteller Project, and Hangouts


Good morning everyone!

Today we brought our writing in cyberspace to an entirely different level as we introduced Hangouts–a messaging app integrated into Google. ¬†Since we all have Gmail through Kean, we all have Hangouts. ¬†It is a great way for us to communicate in real-time in and outside of class, especially as we embark upon the group projects. ¬†I have initiated a Hangouts chat with the entire class, so feel free to accept the invitation¬†and join the conversation!¬†Today we also introduced the Group Storyteller project assignment, and you’ll now see it in our menu.

Hangouts is available via your email browser on a computer, via it’s own dedicated page on Google (like Docs and Drive), and is even an app for your mobile device.

I would also like to remind everyone per our conversation today that we will not be meeting for class Friday, February 12th, due to my moving into a new apartment.  However, in lieu of meeting in person, I would like for us and for your groups to be in touch that day in order to start brainstorming for your digital story.  While I am on the road, I will be pinging you through Hangouts to check in on how groups are doing, and while we are at it we might as well have a writing in cyberspace related discussion! So make sure to tune in to Hangouts at some time on Friday.

For Friday:

  • Be on the lookout for conversations in Hangouts, and let me know the members of your groups! ¬†If you don’t have a group by Friday, also let me know.

For next Tuesday:

  • Proposals for the Group Projects will be due. ¬†We’ll allow some face time in class for you to finalize your plans.
  • Blog #4.



2/5: Snow(y) Day

Steven Universe “Winter Forecast”, image from From

Good morning, everyone!  So how about this weather?

As discussed in this morning’s email, today’s class will be an open workshop for anyone who plans on attending. ¬†I will be in our lab until 11am so that you may come and use the space to work on your projects or conference with me about your topics, (and I will be running episodes of Steven Universe on the projector),¬†but attendance won’t be counted against you.

As we’ve talked about, I have some strong feelings about making students commute in bad weather for class–such is to say, I don’t like doing it. ¬†If you don’t feel safe to drive, don’t. ¬†A benefit of a class that revolves around writing online is that we can be flexible and connect in “cyberspace”. ūüôā

If you are staying home today, feel free to still participate in today’s workshop anyway! ¬†I will be looking at Twitter and our #ENG30803 feed and my email/Hangouts vigilantly, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have about your multimodal projects, using Wix or anything else.. ¬†In addition, please email me your proposal if you have not already done so! ¬†They are still due today.

For Tuesday:

  • Begin pulling together material for your Wix site. ¬†Pictures, videos, sound clips and any other media you plan to use, along with beginning to outline your essay.
  • Write Blog #3.

Have a good weekend!


1/28 and 2/2: The Multimodal Essay

Good afternoon, everyone!

Last Friday, we introduced our first project, the Multimodal Essay–which was delivered to you by email, as well as added to the menu of our class site (you can see it above for more details).

On Tuesday, we had a Wix tutorial, as it will be the engine that you use for this and the group project (details upcoming). ¬†We went over the basics of how to use it to edit, upload content, and design it to your individual essay’s needs. ¬†We will keep going over how to use Wix in class during workshop periods, but please make sure to take some time outside of class to “play” with the program.

For Friday:

  • Make sure to comment on a classmate’s blog (and tweet!)
  • Your proposals for your essay will be due. ¬†Make sure to email me with some subject topic/idea of what you plan to do, and have it ready to share with the class.