1/26: What is Cyberspace?

Good morning, everyone!

Thanks for an excellent discussion today.  As a class, we went over the many affordances and challenges of writing in “cyberspace” and how it is defined by what it can do and what it does differently from print text and “physical space”.  It seems that a major theme in your observations is that it allows us to connect–not only with people, but with information, ideas, entertainment, and interactions that might otherwise be difficult, if not impossible in physical space.  In addition, these connections are as various and as valued as physical, “real” life connections are in many ways, differentiating it from the implication of a “virtual” (or Sims like) world.  Brilliant!

For those of you who were not able to join us today, don’t worry–you were emailed the notes we generated during our discussion through our shared Google Doc.

For Friday:

  • Make sure to read through your classmate’s blogs (in the sidebar!), and comment on one.  Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration to get a head start on your next blog post!
  • Watch The Machine is Us/ing Us by Michael Wesch (in the Resources page)
  • If you have a moment, start reading up on Wix.  I’ve linked a page that provides several tutorials on the engine in the Resources page above.  We’ll go further into it next week.

Be safe on the roads, and see you Friday!





1/22: Syllabus Week Complete!

Good afternoon, everyone!

Thanks for a great class today.  We took some time to introduce ourselves since we had a few new people joining us.  We also spent class time exploring and setting up on WordPress, which you will be using to create and maintain your blogs throughout the semester.  Remember, your blog can either be a reflective journal of class progress throughout the semester, or a themed blog related to anything you’re interested in and can write content for weekly.

For Tuesday:

  • Have your first post up by Monday night.
  • Read over An Archeology of Cyberspaces: Community, Virtuality, Mediation, Commerce (found in Readings).
  • Come to class ready to do some writing!

That’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend!




1/19: Let’s Begin!

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Good morning, everyone!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all this morning.  Today, we introduced ourselves and pored over the class syllabus, which you can find in your email AND on this blog site (on the page appropriately titled ‘Syllabus’).

For those who were not with us today, not to worry–this is what this blog is for!  While you are expected to attend every class, reality often has a problem with best-laid plans.  Therefore, in the case of a personal day, you will always be able to catch up on the basics of what we covered and access assignments for next class by checking here.  This is also the go-to spot for course readings, updates to our schedule, and the eventual links to your own blogs!

For Friday, I would like you to create a Twitter account and share your handle with me (you can also use a pre-existing personal handle if you choose), and create a WordPress account.  Take the week to think over what kind of blog you would like to keep this semester–whether it is a reflective diary of your journey through Writing for Cyberspace, or a themed blog related to your passions and pursuits.  Whichever you choose, make sure it is a topic on which you can develop content at least once weekly for the rest of the semester.

In addition, take some time before Friday to shoot me a Google Doc or an email with an exploratory snippet about you–what you hope to learn in this class, your experience with technology and writing online, and how you might use (or already use) electronic writing in your lives.

If you (ever) have any questions (at all), please contact me.

Until Friday, have a great week!

Welcome to Writing in Cyberspace!


Good morning everyone, and welcome!

Pardon the site’s appearance as we calibrate for the upcoming semester, which I hope you will find both enriching and enjoyable!

This week is syllabus week–today, we will be going over the course syllabus, introducing ourselves and discussing any questions you might have about what we will be doing in the class. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and check often, because this will be where I post the syllabus, calendar, course readings, and updating on our progress after each class. Basically, this will be your essential hub for information aside from your classmates and myself.

See you in class!